Start the Day Night


How do I usually know if I’m going to have a good, productive day?

Easy. It all depends on how it started the night before.

That’s right. My day starts at night, and 6 p.m. is where my “day” usually commences. Continue reading




I am in a very dangerous place in my life right now.

I recently accepted a part time job with full time responsibilities, teaching 4th year high school students in a prominent Chinese school in downtown Manila.

The potential of the ministry is huge, around 170 students to be taught Christian values and the Bible weekly.

Problem is I am already pastoring a church, homeschooling my kids, as well as teaching part-time at a Christian college this time in the heart of Ortigas.

For the past two weeks, I still managed to do all my tasks and what’s expected of me…barely. Continue reading