Yes and No

Life is not reduced to simple yes and no answers. Life is more complex and complicated than that.

Same with people. There is good and bad in each and every one of us. It’s not a simple “do you like him or not?” or “do you like her or not?” The right answer is, “there are things I like about him, and there are things I don’t like also.” Continue reading

Leadership Lessons from King Chef

Our church, Horizon, is privileged to partner with King Chef Seafood, one of the finest Chinese restaurants in Metro Manila, in feeding spiritual food to their great service people. My able and hardworking colleague, Pastor Mike Bulanadi holds a Bible study every Friday afternoon at their Lucky Chinatown Mall location in downtown Manila.

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Juan Heart


Author’s Note: For any foreign readers out there, if any, for the sake of cultural reference, Juan Dela Cruz is often used as the personification of the Filipino, thus the title.

This year has been especially hard for the Philippines. It has been documented that this year alone, at least three tragedies of epic proportions all hit the three major islands of my country within a span of a month. Continue reading