What I Failed To Do During My Crisis Moment

A pastor lives from crisis to crisis, and some of them are his own.

Many leaders are adept at taking care of others’ problem, except that of their own.

I plead guilty to that.

I am full of wisdom in giving counsel to others, but develop brain freeze when figuring out solutions or simple steps to navigate my own way out of a haze. Continue reading

Ask Not..


How many influential people you know, but how many people have you influenced?

What are my dreams for God, but what is my dream FROM God?

Who is God’s best for me, but am I God’s best for someone?

What is success, but what is significant?

Am I a leader of men, but am I a follower of Jesus?

What’s your religion, but do you have a personal relationship with Christ?

Is it hard, but is it worth it?

Is it popular, but is it the right thing to do?

What’s the answer, but is it the right question?

Who are my friends, but who are my mentors?

Can I afford it, but do I need it?

Am I dying, but am I truly alive?

Katniss Everdeen and the Burden of Leadership


My daughters love to watch Hunger Games, so as a good father (ahem), My wife and I watched the third instalment of the movie with them.

My favorite scene in the movie was when Katniss and her friends visit a makeshift hospital to shoot their “prop” (propaganda). Katniss, by then was still reluctant to become the symbol of the revolution, the “Mockingjay” as the leaders of the revolution term it. As she is being filmed walking down the aisle among the wounded and dying, somebody suddenly recognizes her and calls out, “Katniss!?” Continue reading

Asking The Wrong Questions


A few weeks ago, Christians woke up to the sad news that popular and respected author and pastor Myles Monroe and his wife; his Executive Pastor and his wife; and his Youth Pastor, were among those killed in a tragic plane crash in the Bahamas, Ptr. Monroe’s hometown.

I’m sure just like any “celebrity” pastors, Myles Monroe had his fair share of critics and haters. And he also had his army of supporters and admirers. This though is not about that, nor about his teachings and doctrines, but about the questions many believers ask when they hear of such news: Continue reading

The Big Four in Public Speaking


Surveys say the fear of public speaking (glossophobia) ranks number one among the majority of people. I am blessed to count myself the opposite of that.  I love to talk (just ask those around me), and I especially love speaking in public.

But when I became a pastor and teacher, public speaking became not just a ”like”, but a passion.  It became a calling and not just a career. It moved from hobby to heart. I have been doing it for over twenty years now, and I can honestly say I have never lost a single drop of passion doing it. Continue reading