What I Failed To Do During My Crisis Moment

A pastor lives from crisis to crisis, and some of them are his own.

Many leaders are adept at taking care of others’ problem, except that of their own.

I plead guilty to that.

I am full of wisdom in giving counsel to others, but develop brain freeze when figuring out solutions or simple steps to navigate my own way out of a haze. Continue reading


Leadership Lessons from King Chef

Our church, Horizon, is privileged to partner with King Chef Seafood, one of the finest Chinese restaurants in Metro Manila, in feeding spiritual food to their great service people. My able and hardworking colleague, Pastor Mike Bulanadi holds a Bible study every Friday afternoon at their Lucky Chinatown Mall location in downtown Manila.

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Advise for Young Leaders

I’m not exactly an “old” person nor leader. Some people still consider me young at the age of 42. But I do have 20 plus years of experience in leading the same church that has grown from 35 at the start to its present size of around 500.

I am in the “in between” season of my life – young enough to still be hungry, idealistic, and feeling amateurish at times; yet experienced enough to speak with credibility especially to people half my age.

So allow me to speak to leaders under 30 years of age. Continue reading

Leader to Leader

On June 30 of this year, Rodrigo Roa Duterte will take his oath of office to become only the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines.

That means that in a nation of millions, only 16 people really know what it really means to sit in that “chair”, wherein one single decision or action can affect the lives of 100 million Filipinos.

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Leaders Are Readers

Renowned leadership expert John Maxwell visited Manila last July and told a story that inspired me but frankly, didn’t surprise me either.

Maxwell recalls his childhood friends being “paid” by their parents to do household chores. When he asked the same of his father, his wise dad countered, “I’ll pay you money for every book you read.”

That started Maxwell not only on a journey of reading, but it also became the catalyst on the person he is today-the world’s leading authority on leadership. Continue reading

Developing a Deep Bench


The pessimistic pastor says, “What’s the use of training and raising leaders? There will always be a Judas among them.”

But the optimistic and wise leader counters, “Yeah, that may be so, but you can always replace your Judas with a Paul!”

Judas may have been instrumental in the death of Jesus Christ, but his “replacement”, the Apostle Paul, went on to preach the gospel to the Gentile world.

Ahh, the power of having a deep bench. Continue reading

Katniss Everdeen and the Burden of Leadership


My daughters love to watch Hunger Games, so as a good father (ahem), My wife and I watched the third instalment of the movie with them.

My favorite scene in the movie was when Katniss and her friends visit a makeshift hospital to shoot their “prop” (propaganda). Katniss, by then was still reluctant to become the symbol of the revolution, the “Mockingjay” as the leaders of the revolution term it. As she is being filmed walking down the aisle among the wounded and dying, somebody suddenly recognizes her and calls out, “Katniss!?” Continue reading