Asking The Wrong Questions


A few weeks ago, Christians woke up to the sad news that popular and respected author and pastor Myles Monroe and his wife; his Executive Pastor and his wife; and his Youth Pastor, were among those killed in a tragic plane crash in the Bahamas, Ptr. Monroe’s hometown.

I’m sure just like any “celebrity” pastors, Myles Monroe had his fair share of critics and haters. And he also had his army of supporters and admirers. This though is not about that, nor about his teachings and doctrines, but about the questions many believers ask when they hear of such news: Continue reading

Thank God He Loves Those I Don’t




I have a confession to make.

There’s this pastor whom I don’t like!

I don’t know him personally, and what I know of him through his preaching, website, and articles is that he is viewed by many as a great preacher and leader. Continue reading

My Top Six Distant Mentors

A distant mentor is someone whom I don’t personally know yet has influenced my life profoundly, either through their writing, speaking, ministry, or testimony.

Them not knowing me doesn’t diminish anything on their part, but me “knowing” them has added immense value and learning on my part.

My top six distant mentors are as follows: (not in order of importance or impact) Continue reading

Confessions of A Prayerless Pastor (Part 2)

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Another technique or method that have greatly improved my prayer life are the “disciplines.”

Discipline, as used here, refer to “practices”, or “habits”, and not used in the punitive sense.

I first came across them through Richard Foster’s classic book “The Celebration of Discipline” and later on, reading the works of the late, great Dallas Willard. Continue reading