Manny Pacquiao


The one entered the ring with “The Money Team” emblazoned on the back of his fancy robe; the other with only a simple white t-shirt with “All glory and honor belongs to God” written on its back.

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Start the Day Night


How do I usually know if I’m going to have a good, productive day?

Easy. It all depends on how it started the night before.

That’s right. My day starts at night, and 6 p.m. is where my “day” usually commences. Continue reading

Three Young Leaders Who Inspire Me

Its 2014 and the start of a brand new year!

I am always on the lookout for inspiration.  I am a self confessed Inspiration-addict. My hands shake, my body chills, and my mouth starts to water whenever I run low on inspiration.

Thankfully, as a child of God, I never run dry of inspiration. God’s Son, God’s Spirit, and God’s Word always have something to inspire me.

And even the people of God-brothers and sisters in the faith who are not only attempting but actually accomplishing great and mighty things in behalf of the God they serve. Continue reading

My Top Six Distant Mentors

A distant mentor is someone whom I don’t personally know yet has influenced my life profoundly, either through their writing, speaking, ministry, or testimony.

Them not knowing me doesn’t diminish anything on their part, but me “knowing” them has added immense value and learning on my part.

My top six distant mentors are as follows: (not in order of importance or impact) Continue reading

I May Be Boring But At Least I’m Not Bored


Do you suffer from glossophobia?

That refers to the fear of public speaking.

I have heard comments and statistics through the years that say speaking before a crowd is either the top one or two among all phobias.

I can relate to that. I make my living speaking in front of people.

The ironic thing is I’m a shy person and an introvert. Continue reading