Advise for Young Leaders

I’m not exactly an “old” person nor leader. Some people still consider me young at the age of 42. But I do have 20 plus years of experience in leading the same church that has grown from 35 at the start to its present size of around 500.

I am in the “in between” season of my life – young enough to still be hungry, idealistic, and feeling amateurish at times; yet experienced enough to speak with credibility especially to people half my age.

So allow me to speak to leaders under 30 years of age.

Don’t spend too much time, if possible no time at all, criticizing older leaders! And don’t complain and grumble about your situation.

Want to know why?

Because you have absolutely zero credibility for now. Yes, even if your complaint is legitimate.

Older leaders do not listen to legitimacy, but to credibility!

Instead spend your time building yourself, building a resume, improving on your strengths, and focusing on a career, and not just a job.

Lead something. Start somewhere, even if it is small. Make a lot of mistakes early, while the stakes are relatively low. Take lots of risks. Ask many questions. Read a lot, and listen more than you talk. And be under the tutelage of a wise and seasoned mentor.

Then when you have gained enough scars, shed enough tears, endured enough pain, and also earned enough wins under your belt, and likewise learning the balance between vision and reality, and to juggle between believing the best in people and accepting the worst in them, then and only then, feel free to criticize other and older leaders.

Then again, I doubt it.

Because when you finally become a leader, you would finally understand what leadership is all about, as well as empathize and maybe even admire the ones you wanted to criticize in your younger, ignorant years.

Welcome to the world of Leadership, my friends.


2 thoughts on “Advise for Young Leaders

  1. Great insight! Good job Pastor

  2. Wow. Thanks for this Tatay Mans. We, the younger generation, are so blessed to be fathered by Godly and great leaders, like you. You’re our next level.
    , Tay. 😊

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