The Box

I’m sure many of you have heard a conversation similar to this:

Person1: “It’s time for us to think outside the box!”

Person 2 (Supposed Visionary): “What box?”

Some people say I’m a visionary. I’m not sure about that. But if so, I would consider that a great compliment.

I admire visionaries – people who change the world by their thoughts, traits, and talents.

The late Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Lee Kuan Yew, Steven Spielberg, and even Mother Teresa are some of those whom I consider visionaries.

So who needs boxes?

Boxes represents boundaries, restrictions, the stifling of a creative idea. The antithesis of freedom.


And truth be told, YOU ALSO!

Boundaries are good. They are meant to protect us, because we are our own worst enemies!

I am afraid of being and becoming a leaderless leader. I’m afraid of making decisions entirely on my own, without the benefit of other people’s wisdom and perspective.

I’m afraid of shortcuts, making a product apart from the necessary process!

I have this code that I try to live by: ” ‘We’ makes less mistakes than ‘I’.”

Most of the wrong decisions of our life came by deciding alone.

I need people. I need process. I need protection. I may not want it, but I certainly NEED it.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

The way to combat that is by placing ourselves not just WITHIN but also UNDER the proper boundaries in our lives.

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