A People’s Campaign

By the time I post this, the Presidential elections in my country would have been over. (May 9, Philippine time)

Below is a brief reflection of my experience as an active campaigner for candidate Rodrigo Duterte, current and long-time mayor of Davao City.

Win or lose, I just want to say I’m proud to be part of this movement.

This was the first time I’ve seen people voluntarily print campaign t-shirts for him, make and buy ballers by themselves, and ordinary people made their own campaign posters and tarpaulins, some even from sacks of rice.

People posted on social media, and when the mainstream media did not show the massive crowds attending Mayor Digong’s (Duterte’s nickname) rally, we took it upon ourselves to post them on Instagram , Twitter, and Facebook just so the people would know.

I also experienced something I have never experienced before….

I once posted my support for Mayor Duterte on Facebook, and it garnered 1,500 likes, 600 shares, and also 100 Friend Requests.  Please note that I’m nowhere near a celebrity in my country. I honestly don’t have any idea where the likes, shares, and requests were coming from, except obviously that they came from hard core Duterte supporters like me.

I want to thank Tatay Digong (Father Digong) for heeding the call of millions of Filipinos like me to run for President.  Part of his hesitancy to run in the first place was a lack of money and political machinery. We, his supporters, promised to be his machinery. I hope we didn’t let him down.

When Duterte first announced he was not running for the Presidency, in my disappointment, I was prepared to sit out this election.

But when he finally said yes, I had reason to hope and dream again for my beloved nation.

The rest is now in God’s hands.


This is an aerial shot of Duterte’s Miting de avance held last May 7 at Luneta Park in Manila. The most conservative crowd estimates placed it at 300,000, which is easily at least ten times larger than any of his opponent’s own Miting de avance!

God bless the Philippines and God bless you Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte!


One thought on “A People’s Campaign

  1. 1500 likes! Wow! 😊Lets DU it! 😄

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