Predicting the Future


A few months ago, the “Blood Moon” craze took over the sensibilities of many well-meaning Christians, predicting various doomsday scenarios, with some either: a) coming up with actual dates as to when Jesus Christ will return, or b) predicting the date of a major financial crash worldwide.

Thankfully, the financial crash did not happen, though I don’t mind if Jesus Christ would actually come back soon.  I don’t want to be critical of my brothers and sisters in the faith, so I will keep from commenting negatively.

But do you know there is actually a way of predicting the future? Not of the world, but of yourself, and even of certain individuals if you know them enough. Continue reading

The Thrill of Competition


Somebody said, “The most exciting thing in life is winning; the second most exciting thing in life is losing.”

Life is an adventure. It’s meant to be lived. In the end, it’s not winning or losing that matters, but the sheer joy of being in a competition – of doing your best, and having the best produced from the inside of you. Continue reading