Leaders Are Readers

Renowned leadership expert John Maxwell visited Manila last July and told a story that inspired me but frankly, didn’t surprise me either.

Maxwell recalls his childhood friends being “paid” by their parents to do household chores. When he asked the same of his father, his wise dad countered, “I’ll pay you money for every book you read.”

That started Maxwell not only on a journey of reading, but it also became the catalyst on the person he is today-the world’s leading authority on leadership. Continue reading

The One and Only You!

Our society is plagued by two maladies.

One is that we wish to live somebody else’s life!

This is evidence by the so-called “Aldub” phenomenon here in my country, the Philippines. One reason for its popularity, I believe, is people love to live in a fantasy world, imagining themselves either as being as handsome as Alden Richards (the male star of the show), or to be courted by him; or someone as pretty as Maine Mendoza, Alden’s female counterpart, who plays the fictional character “Yaya Dub”, or to be pursued just like her. Continue reading