My Five Highlights from the ‘’We Will Not Be Silent’’ Conference

© Carla Puod

Around 2,500 disciples of Jesus Christ showed up to receive fire at the “We Will Not Be Silent” conference held last May 23 at Word of Hope Church. (Why I’m Hosting A Conference)

Personally, here are my five major take-away or highlights from the conference which I hosted with my good friend, Ptr Loi Gatchalian. Continue reading

Why I’m Hosting A Conference For Churches This Week


This Saturday, May 23, my best friend (Ptr Loi Gatchalian) and I are hosting our first ever Conference for churches entitled “We Will Not Be Silent” in Quezon City, Philippines.

I must admit that I am not such a big fan of conferences. I have attended hundreds of them, and only a precious few of them has had an impact on my spiritual life, much less over that of my church. Most of them were forgettable and a waste of time and money.

So why this conference?

For three powerful reasons. Continue reading