Twelve Things to Celebrate


  1. Progress not perfection.
  1. Product not potential.
  1. Servanthood not superstardom.
  1. Struggling well not giving up.
  1. Intentionality not intentions.
  1. Hard work not natural talent.
  1. Dreams for tomorrow not memories of yesterday.
  1. Integrity not charisma.
  1. Savings not spending.
  1. Finishing well not starting well.
  1. We not me.
  1. God not success.

Respect Instead of Ridicule


Deep down, everyone wants to be respected.

As Christians, many feel that to be respected by a non-Christian is a pipe dream; a luxury we couldn’t afford. Didn’t the Bible itself promise that those who want to live godly lives will be persecuted?

But then again, I believe there are almost always two sides to the same coin. Continue reading