Start the Day Night


How do I usually know if I’m going to have a good, productive day?

Easy. It all depends on how it started the night before.

That’s right. My day starts at night, and 6 p.m. is where my “day” usually commences.

In the Genesis creation account, notice that after every creation, the writer would say, “there was evening, and there was morning.” In God’s view, evening comes first.

We can assume that people in those days lived according to the pattern of the Creator. There was no electricity yet in those days, so people had limited things to do at night- except maybe for early dinner, some family talk, and then off to sleep.

Their day would start early, as in the crack of dawn. They would work from sunrise to sundown, but then rest the night away.

Their day starts with rest.

Imagine if everything we do comes from a rested body; a rested soul; a rested spirit.

Imagine how much more productive, energetic, and yes, happy we would be if we are simply rested.

Somebody said, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” And not just that, but “Fatigue makes us all miserable.”

We do not rest from work; we work from rest.

So starting today, guard your nights like a hawk. Sleep as early as possible. Pray before you sleep. Put on some relaxing music. Shy away from stressful activities at night, as if you didn’t have enough of it during the day. Avoid people you don’t like, and enjoy the company of loved ones and genuine friends.

Start the day right by starting the day at night.



2 thoughts on “Start the Day Night

  1. Rest is something that our hectic society has forgotten. Jesus did everything from a place of rest. We need to do the same and break from all our cell phones and computers at night and REST.

  2. So basic and simple – It’s worth a couple of days devotional meditation. Thanks!

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