Thank God He Loves Those I Don’t




I have a confession to make.

There’s this pastor whom I don’t like!

I don’t know him personally, and what I know of him through his preaching, website, and articles is that he is viewed by many as a great preacher and leader. Continue reading

Seven Suggestions to Shine in Social Media

Weapons-of-massdistraction2-crop-v1 (2)

Almost everybody, especially those living in the urban centers in the Philippines, has a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account. Some have their own personal blogs and even websites.

But not everybody, including Christians, know how to use the so-called “social media” for God’s glory and purposes. Continue reading

Three Young Leaders Who Inspire Me

Its 2014 and the start of a brand new year!

I am always on the lookout for inspiration.  I am a self confessed Inspiration-addict. My hands shake, my body chills, and my mouth starts to water whenever I run low on inspiration.

Thankfully, as a child of God, I never run dry of inspiration. God’s Son, God’s Spirit, and God’s Word always have something to inspire me.

And even the people of God-brothers and sisters in the faith who are not only attempting but actually accomplishing great and mighty things in behalf of the God they serve. Continue reading