Six Habits of Success (Part Two)

six habits of successNote: This is a continuation of my “Six Habits of Success”

As promised, let me add three more habits and save the last one for a trilogy.

Habit # 3- Early is good.

Some people work best under pressure, emphasis on the qualifier “some.”

In basketball, we hear of the great ones – Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, among others, who when the game is on the line, want the ball in their hands. They absolutely love and even thrive under pressure.

Let me be upfront with you, they are a rare breed. We are lesser mortals.

So instead of saying “I wanna be like Mike”, chose instead the motto most of us learned in kinder garden, “the early bird catches the worm.” Continue reading

Six Habits of Success (Part One)


There is no such thing as secrets to success, only habits of success.

Everybody wants to win, improve, grow, become prosperous, yet many have not cultivated the right habits or disciplines to become successful in life.  Thus many give up on their dreams or even turn their backs against God.

I used to think having big dreams or a grand vision is the key to success. Not anymore. You are not what your dreams are; you are what you do daily.

In other words, it’s not dreams that determines destiny, but habits! Continue reading