My Life


If God is first, who is second?

Believe it or not, it is ME!

Or if you are the reader, it is YOU!

I know. That sounds greedy and selfish. The last thing we need is another narcissistic person, much less a self centered Christian; much more an egoistic spiritual leader.

Hear me out first.

Nobody can live your life except you. Taking responsibility for your own life is the first step to living a successful and significant life.

I have a confession to make.

I used to be a TV addict. Busy as I am, I was one.

You see, TV was my stress reliever. Every time I come home from work, particularly after a busy and pressure packed day, I would automatically turn on the TV, no matter if I had a show in mind or not.

That used to drive my lovely wife crazy.

One day, I had an epiphany of sorts.

I thought, “I’m always watching other people’s success. When will other people observe mine?”

I always talk about other people’s achievements, when will somebody else speak about mine?

I realized that the people I watched on television, they worked very hard to earn the distinction of being idolized by thousands, if not, millions of viewers.

I’m quite sure they didn’t waste their time watching TV shows or reading magazines and stuff about other people.  In our day, that’s spending countless hours on Facebook, Twitter, online games, or the internet in general. They were too busy, too driven, too focused for that.

It’s time for some tough decisions to be made. It’s time for some radical change.

Now, I still watch television, particularly NBA games I confess, but almost exclusively to that.  And yes, cooking shows from time to time. (see related blog on Cooking and Preaching)

 I’m more prioritizing my own success. I’m busy living my own life, fulfilling my own dreams.

I still listen, read, and watch successful and famous people, but mostly for inspiration.

I no longer see myself as being a mere fan of theirs. I now consider myself a student of theirs.

Don’t just dream your dreams. Work for the fulfillment of your dreams.

Stop admiring other people. Trust me, they won’t miss you because they don’t even know who you are in the first place. I doubt if they even care about you.

We on the other hand, have much to do, better things to do.

Put God first.

Put yourself second.

Your greatest life awaits.

One thought on “My Life

  1. Disconnecting the satellite and TV over ten years ago certainly improved our contentment level with ourselves, one another, what we own, where we travel, etc. It was the greatest gift my husband ever gave me!


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