Distinction (Part 2)


4.Acceptance vs. Approval

Often Christians are known not for what they are for, but for what they are against. So many Christians seem angry without really knowing what they are angry about.

Intolerance is a word consistently used to describe followers of Jesus Christ. But when you look at the Gospels, Jesus seems accepting of everyone except religious leaders and self righteous people. He hates hypocrites but loves sinners. There’s a huge difference between the two. Continue reading

Distinction (Part 1)


There are things that look the same on the surface but in reality are as different as night and day. It is to the advantage of a leader (and their organization) to learn to distinguish stuff.

Instead of diving into a deep and possibly complex explanation, let me just share things that are not only distinguishable, but must be done necessarily. Continue reading

Blind, But Now I See (part 2 OF 3)

Note: This was an article I wrote for my alma mater’s book (IGSL, formerely ISOT-Asia, entitled ”Lessons from the Field”) sometime in 2010 I think. It’s quite long so I will post them in three parts. Hope you enjoy reading this!

Confirmation of a Personal Vision

 Let me shift to something a little bit more personal for a while. Continue reading