No Easy Road

I live an incredibly blessed life. I am well loved and loved well by God. I have a great family-the best wife any man can hope for and three beautiful daughters. I have loyal and faithful mentors, peers, and friends at my side. I get the privilege to teach emerging leaders at Messiah College. I am honored to pastor a wonderful church at Horizon Ministries.

Paganini And One String

Nicolo Paganini is considered the greatest violin virtuoso of all time…with a matching ego to boost. A famous story of him is told that during a sold out concert in Italy, he was playing when suddenly one of his strings broke. To the delight of the audience, he still continued. Then another string snapped, but he still played on. Then another popped and he was left with only one string. With dramatic flair, Paganini paused and told the vast crowd,”And now…Paganini and One String.” The place erupted with wild cheers, and when he finally finished, the people gave him a rousing standing ovation. Continue reading

Faith Goals for 2011

1. To love God daily by spending quality time in prayer, devotions, and through my actions. Always begin the day with God. Live a life of integrity before God. Never fall in love with ministry at the expense of God. Relationship with God first, for that’s the ”one thing” that determines everything. Continue reading